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If you’re anything like me, I’m sure that many of you remember watching games with parents and grandparents, and something about your teams will come up almost every time you talk. Sports connects generations.

But sharing sports with kids can be tough - they are still learning to love the game, and almost all the content out there is designed for adults - from the broadcasts, to the articles, to the fifteen different blogs/substack/podcasts that you follow.

Bedtime Sports is different. Bedtime Sports is an attempt to create stories about your favorite team and your favorite players, told in a way your kids will love. The stories are (mostly) true and (mostly) about things that aren’t always about sports at first glance. But that’s what sports are: (mostly) a game, but really, so much more.

If you don’t actually finish the story, and you end up talking with your kid about one of our questions instead, well, that’s a win in our book. And that’s what Bedtime Sports is all about.

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